Monday, September 12, 2011

♥ Caffe Ti-amo ♥

After eating a sumptuous dinner I thought I'm too full for anything, but after passing by Caffe Ti-amo, it changed my mind immediately.  The sight of the colorful display of ice cream got me excited.  There's so many flavors to choose from.  Fortunately the store lets you try a small sample of the ice cream of your choice.  They also have a variety of coffee & tea to choose from.  Since I just recovered from a cough recently I thought I might as well have some tea after my ice cream. 


Lots of Ice Cream!

So many flavors
 You can ask for a taste before you decide to order.

 My friend's choice.  She says it's really good.

Cookies & Cream
 My choice.  Creamy vanilla with bits of cookies & chocolate. 

One for you, one for me. :D

Menu Board

Green Tea
 After taking a sip, I got a nice surprise.  The green tea is a bit minty too.  A nice complement after eating my ice cream.

Pot on top of the mug
 This is the first time for me to use this unique pot.  You place the pot on top of the mug & the tea will pour out from the bottom of the pot.

 The coffee shop is like an oasis in the middle of the shopping center.  The cozy decor & soft lighting will make you feel warm & at home with this coffee shop.


Captured with my Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Xperia

Captured with my friend's Iphone4

My friend said she would like to try the Affogato next time we get the chance to visit.  I want to try the other ice cream flavors & a different tea.  Until next time.  Ciao!

Remember: Eat Live and be Happy!

Price: P60 - P150

Payment: Accepts Cash & Credit Card

Free Wifi : Available

Parking: Mall parking


Ground Floor Greenbelt 5 

Ground Floor SM Manila

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