Monday, September 12, 2011


It's been a while since I've been to Sugi Restaurant.  This used to be frequented by our family especially by my parents way back even when they were located in Greenbelt 1.  The staff are nice enough to remember us.  The restaurant was crowded for dinner but we were lucky one table was available for us.    

They still have the traditional menu where it's still filled with writings & description of their dishes.  I thought they might try putting some pictures on the menu, specially for their new dishes to promote them.  I guess they're sticking to tradition.  As I browse through their menu I noticed most of my favorite dishes are still available except for the Korokke (Japanese version of a croquette).  I asked the waitress if they still have it, she checked with their kitchen, she informed me they can make it even if it's not in the menu but they were not able to prepare the ingredients so better luck next time.  


2nd floor dining area
They have private rooms with tatami mats at the 2nd floor & western style private rooms at the ground floor.  

Ceiling Lanterns

Lantern Captions
Left: Soba
Right: Sushi


Table Setting

Appetizer: Beansprouts

Nishiki Maki

This is a sushi roll with eel, salmon, asparagus, creamy cheese, mayo & wasabi.  A burst of different flavors in just one sushi.
Yaki Meshi
Gindara Teriyaki
 I like fish & Gindara is one of my favorites.  The meat is white & soft with just a few bones on the side.

Kitsune Soba
  Soba (buckwheat) noodles with fried tofu in soup.  You may also have this with udon noodles.  I've tried this in other restaurants but I still like Sugi's version the best.  The tofu is soft & sweet that compliments the noodles & broth.  The serving is big enough to be shared by two persons if you want to try other dishes.

Nasu Abura Itame
 One of my old time favorites.  This simple dish is composed of fried eggplant with sesame sauce.  This dish is on the sweet side so children might even like it.  It's so good that even a friend of mine who is not a big fan of eggplant tried it & thought it was okay.  ;)

Niku Jaga
 A dish of potatoes, beef with lots of onions in a sweet soy based sauce.

Wall Pictures

It was nice to have my old favorite dishes & try some new creations by the restaurant.  It's always a treat to eat at your favorite restaurant.  I hope I can have my Korokke the next time I get to visit.

Remember: Eat Live and Be Happy!

Price Range: P500 - P1000


Free Wifi: Available but can't connect

Parking: Mall parking


Greenbelt 2
Esperanza Street
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel: 63 - (02) - 757-3678 to 79, 757-3986

Greenhills Shopping Center
Connecticut corner Missouri Street,
Greenhills, San Juan
Tel: 63 - (02) - 721-7111, 725-0208, 723-9496

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