Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Lemon ~ Happy Everyday!

Tea seems to be the new IT drink after coffee.  Lots of tea beverage stores are popping everywhere.  The first time I heard the words Happy Lemon, I didn't expect it to be selling tea drinks & other related beverages.  I thought a lemonade stand would be more likely to take this name.

Happy Lemon has a very unique drink which is  rock salt with cheese.  When I heard about it, it made me wonder what will it taste like?  This really caught my attention & made me very curious about the drink.  Can you imagine putting cheese & rock salt to your green tea, chocolate drink or even coffee?  I heard from other people you will either like it or hate it.  Time for me to try something new. ;)  

My First Happy Lemon

(Eastwood Mall, Libis)

Saw this poster while going up to the Cinema

My Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese

I finally got my first taste of Green Tea with Rock Salt & Cheese.  I used a straw to take my first sip.  My first impression was there's nothing special, it tastes a lot like the other green tea I've had.  I thought I should have stirred it well with the cheese.  After the second sip I tasted little bit of the cheese but I tasted the green tea more.  So I opened it & used the straw to scoop some of the cheese on top.  Hmmmm, nice!  I like the taste of the cheese with a salty after taste.  A friend of mine later told me I shouldn't have used a straw.  I should drink it straight from the cup tasting the cheese with salt and followed by the green tea.  That was definitely the correct way to enjoy this drink.  After my first experience I wanted to try all the other flavors.  I do hope they're as good as the first one.


(Promenade, Greenhills)

One afternoon I found myself in the vicinity of Greenhills.  I remembered a friend of mine mentioning there's a Happy Lemon near there.  I called her up right away & found out that it is located at the Promenade.  I got to try another drink of Happy Lemon and this time I know the proper way of drinking it. =)

Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese

I was so thirsty that I almost forgot to take a picture of my drink. This time I got to try the Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese.  Whoever came up with it was very experimental.  The top has a creamy cheese flavor with some rock salt on top.  The base is a refreshing sweet chocolate drink.  People with a sweet tooth will probably love it.  I also got to try the Coffee with Rock Salt & Cheese in this branch.  This is a good treat for the coffee lovers out there.  A little twist to their favorite drink.  After tasting all three of their Rock Salt Drinks, my favorite is definitely the one with the Green Tea.  No wonder it's the one with the Happy Lemon logo beside it's name.

(Powerplant Mall, Rockwell)

Yes!  Happy Lemon in Powerplant Mall has finally opened.  This branch is near a friend of mine so when I visited her recently we went there to get our daily dose of Happy Lemon.

Deluxe Milk Tea with Grass Jelly

I ordered this drink with just 50% sweetness.  The milk tea is still sweet (in a good way) & yummy even with reduced sweetness.  There's still a lot of drinks to choose from their wide selection.  I think it will take some time before I get to try all of it. =D

Remember: Eat Live and Be Happy!

Price Range: P90 - P120

Free Wifi: Not Available

Parking: Mall parking

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