Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mushroom Burger

I've seen this fast food place since I was a child whenever we visit Tagaytay city.  It never caught my attention as a kid since most children only know the commercialized fast food joints.  As an adult, it finally got my attention & interest.  A few years ago as we were headed home we passed by the Mushroom Burger in Tagaytay.  I suddenly asked the driver to pull over & buy me a burger.  My expectation was since the place is called Mushroom Burger their burgers were meatless.  I was expecting a large portobello mushroom or a mushroom patty as replacement for the burger patty.  Finally the driver came back with my burger.  He said the place was crowded & there were different kinds of burgers so he just asked for the most popular burger they serve.  I finally took a bite of my first Mushroom Burger, to my surprise the patty was made of beef just like any other burger.  The burger was tasty with the restaurant's dressing but I was highly disappointed by the fact there's not much difference about their burger.

I recently found out there are branches here in Metro Manila.  I thought there's only one Mushroom Burger place which is in Tagaytay.  Yesterday since I was in the area of Quezon City, I had the urge to try their burger once again.  This time I went in to have the full Mushroom Burger experience.  The place has tables good for a group of four people.  The servers are very polite & accommodating.  

Tissue Holder

Picture of a Mushroom Farm

Menu: the BURGERS!
There are different kinds of burgers to choose from.

Menu: other dishes & meals
They have value meals that can compete with other fast food places.

I haven't tried it.  Interesting enough for me to try next time. :)
They even have their own unique dessert.

No Meat
  I finally found the no meat burger.

King Burger

The Mushroom Sandwich


Actual Mushroom Sandwich Unwrapped
Doesn't look similar with the poster photo :)
The burger doesn't have a patty.  The sandwich contains a lot of shredded mushrooms & a few pieces of cucumber with their own dressing.  The sandwich we ordered is with cheese & comes with fries & a drink.  I'm very fond of mushrooms so it's no surprise that I liked the Mushroom Sandwich.  For the mushrooms lovers out there, this is a sandwich you have to try for yourself.

Actual King Burger Unwrapped
This burger was for my ever reliable driver.  
Without him, I wouldn't be able to go around & try new restaurants.

Remember: Eat Live and Be Happy!

Price Range: P60 - P100

Payment: Accepts Cash


Free Wifi : Not Available

Parking: Outdoor parking


Quezon City:

1.  95 West Ave., Quezon City
2. 297 Katipunan Ave., Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Tagaytay City:

KM60, Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay City